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The FARC and the Colombian government continue to reach for peace

by Laura Carlsen

CCTV America, Dec-18-2015 | Video, Interview

Since 2012, the Colombian government has been negotiating a peace deal with Latin America’s largest guerilla army, the FARC. This comes after an armed conflict between the two sides that has lasted more than 50 years and seen 200,000 people killed and millions displaced. Political analyst Laura Carlsen joins Elaine Reyes on the set of “Americas Now to discuss the current state of the peace talks.... Read More »

Interviews from Mexico - Cinema and the War on Drugs

by Laura Carlsen

TeleSUR English, Nov-19-2015 | Video, Interview

Interviews from Mexico - Cinema and the War on Drugs: In this episode of TeleSur's "Interviews From Mexico" Host Laura Carlsen interviews film director Bernardo Ruiz, whose latest production, Kingdom of Shadows, considers the human face of the war on drugs through the three individual stories, of a human rights activist, a former drug smuggler, and a retired undercover U.S. federal agent. Ruiz discusses what he hoped to accomplish with the film and the various facets of the war on drugs.... Read More »

Inequality, Austerity, Jobs and Growth

by William D. Hartung

UStream TV, Nov-18-2015 | Video

William Hartung speaks at a panel on "Global Security and Economics: Dangers and Hopes," at a conference sponsored by Economists for Peace and Security, November 18th, 2015. Co-panelists included Heather Hurlburt of the New America Foundation and Steve Clemons of the Atlantic. A video of the panel is here, starting 30 minutes into the tape... Read More »

Interviews from Mexico - Mining in Mexico

by Laura Carlsen

Nov-16-2015 | Video, Interview

According to different studies, from 20 to 50% of Mexico’s national territory has been granted in concessions to foreign mining companies. Much of this is open pit mining. To talk about the impact of mining on Mexico’s future, host Laura Carlsen speaks with Miguel Mijangos, a member of the Network of Those Affected by Mining (REMA). Mijangos explains the devastating effets of mining on health and the environment and outlines the privileges granted by corrupt governments to mining companies such as Goldcorp... Read More »

Laura Carlsen on Marijuana Legalization

by Laura Carlsen

CCTV America, Nov-10-2015 | Video, Interview

So what's behind the increase and how is policy across the Americas shifting? CCTV America was joined by Laura Carlsen from Mexico City. She's Director of the Americas Program at the Center for International Policy.... Read More »

Interviews from Mexico - Women's Shelters

by Laura Carlsen

teleSUR English, Nov-05-2015 | Video, Interview

Domestic abuse is endemic in Mexico, with all social classes at risk and with wide reaching effects beyond the individual victim. In today's program, host Laura Carlsen interviews Wendy Figueroa, director of the National Network of Shelters. They discuss the dimensions and characteristics of domestic abuse in Mexico, how women can escape situations of domestic violence, the shelters' work, functioning, accomplishments, and future perspectives, and what society can do to break the vicious cycle of violence and abuse. ... Read More »

Interviews from Mexico – “Watching them Die"

by Laura Carlsen

teleSUR English, Oct-22-2015 | Video, Interview

More than a year after 43 Ayotzinapa students were disappeared and 6 killed in Iguala, Guerrero, there are still many unanswered questions about what really happened on that fatal night of September 26-27, 2014. Today our host Laura Carlson speaks with two brothers who have made a documentary film on the subject, focusing on the role of the Mexican Army. Freelance journalist Temoris Grecko and documentary filmmaker Coizta point to facts that underscore the Army’s presence in the area, its knowledge that the students were being attacked, and its complicity in covering up what happened. ... Read More »

Interviews from Mexico - ‘El Wachavato’ on Urban Art

by Laura Carlsen

teleSUR English, Oct-08-2015 | Video, Interview

Interviews from Mexico, hosted by Laura Carlsen, goes straight to the source -- the men and women making news and making history in Mexico. Today our host speaks with a leading exponent of urban art in Mexico City, el Wachavato. They discuss the personal importance to him of a common image in his art, that of the people’s saint from his home state of Sinaloa, Jesus Malverde, also worshipped by drug traffickers. The conversation then turns to his more recent artistic expressions, the differences between graffiti and street art, and the cooptation of street art by “sponsors.”... Read More »

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