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Three-Star General Engaged in 'Psy-Ops' Against Senators Should Be Fired Immediately

by Tom Andrews

Alternet, Feb-24-2011 | Article

Lt. General William Caldwell needs to be fired. Now. General Caldwell, a three star general in charge of training ... Read More »

The Veterans' Trust Fund

by Tom Andrews

Huffington Post , Nov-11-2010 | Article

What are you doing on Veterans Day? Taking the day off? Sleeping in? Catching a parade? Going shopping? How about taking five minutes to make a difference in the lives ... Read More »

U.S. Must Stabilize Chinese Relations

by Selig S. Harrison

Politico, Sep-30-2010 | Article

As fears of a prolonged recession grow, so does the need to stabilize U.S. economic relations with China. ... Read More »

Remarks by Tom Andrews, National Director of Win Without War

by Tom Andrews

Aug-30-2007 | Speech

A resolution of the deepening crisis in Iraq can only be achieved through political negotiation and compromise. As most independent observers... Read More »

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