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Advancing a Sustainable, Just and Peaceful World

November 10, 2014 | Report


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For almost four decades, CIP’s experts have influenced U.S. foreign policy, providing recommendations and analysis to promote a sustainable, just and peaceful world. This legacy continues today 
as we take innovative approaches to address some of Washington’s most critical issues. 

CIP’s Win Without War Coalition of 41 national organizations, from the Sierra Club to, is the largest anti-war coalition in the United States. Our Arms and Security Project publishes dozens of op-ed articles in the country’s major newspapers as well as in-depth reports and books. Our Project on Defense Alternatives produces alternative and “smart” Pentagon budgets and reports on a range of military issues. Our Security Assistance Monitor Program collects and analyzes all publicly-accessible data about global U.S. security assistance from 2000 to the present. Melvin Goodman, a 23-year veteran of the CIA who has come over to our side, is one of the most credible critics of America’s bloated and intrusive intelligence agencies. 

CIP’s in-house expertise gives us credibility with policymakers and the media. Through television and radio interviews, social media and op-ed articles, our staff reach millions of Americans to provide an alternative to the almost knee-jerk reflex of many Washington policymakers to send in drones, attack aircraft and U.S. combat forces to resolve foreign disputes.

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