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CIP in the Press
  • At the Pentagon, Nothing Succeeds Like Failure

    William D. Hartung quoted

    Anti War Blog, 10-26-16

    The Pentagon, Hartung notes, continues to receive massive funding from the American taxpayer, even as its various wars drag on, seemingly without end...Read More »

  • The Heat: Battle for Mosul

    Stephen Miles interviewed

    CCTV America, 10-24-16

    Ever since ISIL fighters captured the city of Mosul in Northern Iraq in June 2014, it has been a vital stronghold for them. But now there is a major military effort underway to drive the militants out of Mosul. Over the last week thousands of Iraqi security forces and Kurdish Peshmerga fighters, with the assistance of United States military advisers, have launched an offensive to free the city...Read More »

  • Darcy Burner will get us back on track

    Darcy Burner quoted

    Issaquah Reporter , 10-23-16

    We must be committed to peace and prosperity for the American worker. As both the owner of a successful small manufacturing company and a full-time mother, Darcy understands the struggles we working parents face. She's exactly what we need to put the Pacific Northwest front and center in the global economy of the new millennium...Read More »