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Ending America's Endless Wars

May 1, 2016 | Brochure


The Center for International Policy’s plan to end America’s endless wars

A successful advocacy campaign begins with solid research. To discover what is really being done in America’s name, one must follow the money. The Center for International Policy maintains the most comprehensive database of U.S. military and police aid as well as arms sales to over 180 nations around the world. The Security Assistance Monitor documents the facts-on-the-ground that define U.S. foreign policy, and also provides analysis and insight into the data.

As with America’s large-scale military interventions, our arms sales and training programs often have failed to advance U.S. interests or make nations more peaceful and democratic. The U.S. spent $25 billion USD building an army in Iraq, yet Iraqi troops refused to defend Mosul when it was attacked by a few hundred ISIS fighters. Programs to arm and train Syrian rebels have also been notoriously ineffective. Rather than strengthening the lethal capabilities of armies, U.S assistance should be used to support democratic institutions and promote economic development.

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