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Getting in Deeper: The United States’ growing involvement in Colombia’s conflict

February 7, 2000 | Report


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It had been in the works for some time, and the government in Bogotá and observers in Washington had expected Congress to put it in the 2000 budget the previous fall. When it finally appeared – at a hastily arranged press conference on January 11, 2000 – the Clinton administration's $1.6 billion proposal to assist Colombia was both bigger and more loaded with military aid than most had expected. At the height of the 1980s U.S. escapade in El Salvador, that country’s military received $1 million per day from Washington. This package would provide roughly $2.5 million daily for Colombia's armed forces and police, but is expected to sail through Congress with little controversy. Quietly, with a minimum of debate or concern, the United States' military commitment to Colombia is taking another giant leap.

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