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Jeb Bush Not Ready to be President

Sun Sentinel, December 4, 2014 | Letter


With his call for strengthening the U.S. embargo of Cuba (Sun Sentinel, Dec. 4) former Gov. Bush shows he would base his foreign policy on wishful thinking by doubling down on a policy that has failed for more than 50 years to achieve any of its objectives. Doesn't he recognize that the embargo plays into the hands of the Castro brothers by giving them a convenient scapegoat for their disastrous economy?

Also, by promoting this policy before the U.S. Cuba Democracy PAC, Bush shows he would not hesitate to pander to special interests and financial supporters when making foreign policy that should promote the interests of all Americans. Whoever we send to the White House in 2016 should be open-minded enough to change failed policies and courageous enough to rise above interest group politics.

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