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Marching for Life

June 7, 2004 | Report

By Bruna Genovese

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Conservationists and human rights activists in Honduras run grave risks as they fight to preserve what remains of a unique range of ecosystems in Olancho, the country’s larg- est department. Intimidation and murder are the weapons of choice employed by those who sack the forests and despoil the environment. In the past few years, three Olancho environmentalists have met violent death. Amnesty International has published re- ports of ongoing threats against those who have opposed the uncontrolled and illegal destruc- tion of Olancho’s forest reserves.
On June 30, 2001, Carlos Roberto Flores was killed in the municipality of Gualaco. On November 24, 2002, community leader Mauricio Hernández from the village of Las Cañas in Jano municipality was shot in the fore- head with an AK-47. In July 2003, in the mu- nicipality of El Rosario, 21-year old Carlos Arturo Reyes was riddled with bullets in his own backyard. Reyes had been receiving death threats for months, but he believed he had put them behind him when he fled his home in Guata and moved to El Rosario. Yet an assassin found him. Now others on an alleged hit list, 17 names in all, must go about their important work in con- stant fear that they will be next.

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