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Pentagon Base Budget to Get Bigger Share in 2013

March 23, 2012 | Policy Brief

By Carl Conetta

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On 13 February 2012, President Obama put down the administration’s marker in the budget debate for 2013. The President’s request proposes a budget pie about as large as the one adopted in 2008.  However, comparing the 2013 request to the sum appropriated in 2008 shows that the Pentagon is being offered a bigger slice this time around.

  • The administration’s budget requestfor FY 2013 rolls discretionary spending back to the level of 2008 in nominal terms.
  • War spending is slated to decline substantially from the 2008 level.  However, much of the savings is cycled back into peacetime security spending, which  increases.
  • Comparing 2008 and 2013 shows the budget plan to increase the proportion of non-war discretionary dollars devoted to National Defense – up from 50% to 52%.

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