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Report to Supporters: Addressing Challenges to Global Security

December 11, 2012 | Report


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The election reflected a tectonic shift in public opinion: the rejection of neo-conservative military policies, climate change denial and plutocratic economic policies that allow the richest individuals and hugely profitable corporations to avoid paying taxes.

But electoral gians do not automatically translate into new policies. Now it is up to us to help generate a groundswell of public support for foreign and military policies based on collaboration with our allies and negotiations with our adversaries, real efforts to mitigate climate change and a global campaign to end offshore tax avoidance.

With the reelection of President Obama and the election of new progressive members to Congress, we have our best chance in a generation to reduce military spending and challenge the idea that America must be the world's sole policeman. We must press the administration to mobilize an effective global response to climate change and to lead a campaign to shut down the vast offshore banking industry that undermines governments, increases poverty and corrupts politicians worldwide.

Americans voted for change and now we must make sure promises made during the campaign result in new policies to make our world more peaceful, sustainable and just.

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