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Struggle Goes Far Beyond the Eurozone — It is About Europe’s Unity and Security

Financial Times, June 23, 2015 | Letter


Sir, I read with despair the FT news of the Greek crisis. The only voice of reason was that of Wolfgang Münchau: “The real challenge this week is to save the eurozone” (June 22). But the struggle is really much larger than this headline, it is for the future of the unity and security of Europe.

I came to London in the mid-1960s to study the UK’s possible membership of what is now the EU, and have been watching the process of European integration ever since, having served at the US missions to both the EU and Nato. But never have I been so concerned not only for Europe but also for the implications for global governance of a deteriorating, divided, selfish and myopic continent.

Does anyone in Europe know what they are doing to themselves? The basis for the euro and the EU should and must be, in the end, “one for all and all for one”.

The rest of the world is looking on, some with sadness and others with ideas of more aggression and ill will against Europe. This makes for a more dangerous world.

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