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The Greek Crisis

Independent UK, June 23, 2015 | Letter


Dear Editor Independent,

The articles about the Greek crisis and the UK's future in Europe all point to the sad state of European leadership and a growing trajectory in the British government to cut ties with the EU and thus, in my view, with the world at large. The Tories seem immune to the consequences of their “Little Englander” myopic, and isolationist positions. The real question is Britain’s place in the world and whether it will play any meaningful role in shaping the future of our world. 

But their actions are also mean playing a reduced role in NATO.  The price of playing a negative or no voice in facing key issues in Europe and beyond will be very high. 

I came to London in the mid-1960s to study UK possible membership  of what is now the EU, and I have been watching the process of European integration ever since.

 I served at the US Missions to both the EU and NATO. I am so concerned for Europe and for the implications for global governance of a deteriorating, divided, selfish, and myopic Europe. 

We have to regain the idea of “one for all and all for one.” But the Greek crisis has shown at this moment, it is a zero-sum-game” European leaders are playing. 

CIP in the Press