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Worrisome Disarray in Europe

The New York Times, June 23, 2015 | Letter


Recent editions of your paper are filled with news articles and editorials pointing to a Europe in deep disarray over a Greek crisis that no one seems to truly want to solve and over the handling of the migration crisis in the Mediterranean. Add to this the folly of Britain’s possible exit from the European Union and its zeal in punishing its poor people with harsh austerity measures. And then there is Europe’s general weakness in dealing with Vladimir Putin’s blatant aggression in Ukraine. Taken together, these challenges point to a failure of vision among Europe’s national leaders and their political parties.

For Americans, it is sad to watch our closest allies turn bitter, greedy, disunited and inward. We urgently need a stronger, more compassionate and outward-looking Europe — and America should help this process.

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