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Truth in intelligence


The Baltimore Sun, Jun-08-2004 | Article

The resignation of George J. Tenet as CIA director was long overdue, but fundamental steps are essential to allow his successor to control the... Read More »

Marching for Life

by Bruna Genovese

Jun-07-2004 | Report

Defying threats, a movement of rural Hondurans leads Central America’s struggle against illegal logging and the corruption that sustains it... Read More »

Cuba shaping up as Iraq II


The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, May-26-2004 | Article

The path by which the Bush administration led us into the nightmarish Iraqi quagmire is strewn with arrogance, flawed assumptions, faulty intelligence and... Read More »

Riding A Tiger In North Korea


Newsweek, May-16-2004 | Article

When you go to Pyongyang, the place to look for the keys to resolving the nuclear crisis is not the Ministry of Atomic Energy, the Foreign Ministry or the headquarters of the Korean... Read More »

House Committee Preserves the "Cap" on U.S. Personnel in Colombia


May-13-2004 | Policy Brief

The House Armed Services Committee, meeting on May 12, denied the Bush administration's request to double a four-year-old limit on the number... Read More »

Track Bin Laden or Seize Cigars and Rum? Bush Puts Cuba Sanctions First over Fight against Terrorism Says Center for International Policy

by Sarah Stephens

U.S. Newswire, Apr-29-2004 | Article

The Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC), the Treasury department agency charged with stopping the transit of illegal funds to... Read More »

Demand A Full Accounting For Our Policies


South Florida Sun-Sentinel, Mar-26-2004 | Article

The terrorist attacks on Spanish trains are now in the terrorist "hall of infamy" and will ever be referred to as 3-11, 9-11's progeny. International terrorism by... Read More »

[PDF] Plan Colombia 2? After Over $3 Billion in Aid, Colombia's Visiting President Faces Questions Over a Lack of Results

by , Ingrid Vaicius

Mar-22-2004 | Policy Brief

On Monday, March 21 Colombia’s President Alvaro Uribe arrives on a three-day visit to Washington... Read More »

Bush League Diplomacy: How the Neoconservatives Are Putting the World at Risk

by Craig Eisendrath

Mar-01-2004 | Book

How have George W. Bush and the neoconservatives in his administration managed to erode a half century of foreign relations in such a short period of time? What impact will the increased use of military force in place of diplomacy, and the ever-increasing deficit spending this creates, have on social policies at home? Veteran foreign policy analysts Craig Eisendrath and Mel Goodman answer these questions and many more.... Read More »

Evaluation of the Conflict Prevention Pools: The Security Sector Reform Strategy


Mar-01-2004 | Report

In June 2002, Ministers approved a security sector reform (SSR) Strategy, and it became operational at that time based on development work undertaken in the previous year (the Strategy was therefore launched just 13 months before the start of this evaluation).... Read More »

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