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Los Nuevos Dueños de Barranca

by Adam Isacson

Apr-04-2001 | Report

Reporte del viaje de CIP a Barrancabermeja, Colombia, 6-8 de marzo del 2001... Read More »

El “Punto Cero” del Plan Colombia

by Ingrid Vacius, Adam Isacson

Apr-02-2001 | Report

Pregúntele a los habitantes del Putumayo cómo era esta región hace mas de veinte años, antes de la llegada de la coca, y le describirán un sitio idílico – de esos que ya no existen.... Read More »

Plan Colombia’s "Ground Zero"

by Ingrid Vacius, Adam Isacson

Apr-02-2001 | Report

Ask longtime residents what Putumayo was like more than twenty years ago, before coca entered the picture, and they describe a place that sounds too good to be true.... Read More »

The New Masters of Barranca

by Adam Isacson

Apr-02-2001 | Report

Yolanda Becerra, an easygoing, dignified woman of perhaps fifty years, is cheerfully patient with gringos who come to her office asking naive questions.... Read More »

Arms Trade: U.S. Outsells All Others Combined: 1999 Scorecard: U.S. $11.4 Billion, Rest of World $11.3 Billion

by James Morrell, David Lockhead

Dec-04-2000 | Policy Brief

At a time of unprecedented involvement of first-world nations in the affairs of developing countries, it is imperative for people everywhere to take a critical look at the nature of that involvement.... Read More »

"Plan Colombia": The Debate in Congress, 2000

by Ingrid Vacius, Adam Isacson

Dec-04-2000 | Policy Brief

U.S. relations with Colombia improved instantly in August of 1998, when Andrés Pastrana became the South American country’s new president.... Read More »

Is Plan Colombia Dead? The Truth Behind the NUmbers

by Adam Isacson, Ingrid Vaicius, Abbey Steele

Oct-27-2000 | Policy Brief

The Clinton Administration’s $1.3 billion aid package for Colombia and its neighbors, which was introduced in January and became law in July, raised a great deal of controversy... Read More »

Snatching Defeat from the Jaws of Victory

by James Morrell

Aug-07-2000 | Policy Brief

Haiti's Aristide Had the Votes to Win, Yet Cheated and So Drained His Win of Legitimacy... Read More »

CIP Memo to Senate Staff

by Adam Isacson, Ingrid Vaicius

Jun-20-2000 | Policy Brief

The 2001 Foreign Operations Appropriations bill (S. 2522) is to come to the floor very soon, possibly later today or tomorrow... Read More »

CIP Position on U.S. Aid Package

by Adam Isacson

Apr-08-2000 | Policy Brief

The Center for International Policy shares the belief that the United States must act quickly to support Colombia with a large aid package... Read More »

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