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Trump’s Psyche and the Threat of Force

by CIP

Counterpunch, Sep-11-2018 | Article

CIP's Melvin Goodman's latest in Counterpunch... Read More »

A Common Threat Is Uniting Prosecutors, Law Enforcement, International & Domestic Gun Violence Prevention Groups

by William D. Hartung

Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence, Aug-17-2018 | Article

There has always been some cross over between international concerns over small arms gun trafficking, and the domestic priorities of U.S. gun violence prevention groups... Read More »

Donald Trump, Gunrunner for Hire

by William D. Hartung

The Nation, Aug-14-2018 | Article

The administration is fulfilling the National Rifle Association’s wildest dreams... Read More »

The CIA’s Double Standard Revisited

by CIP

Counterpunch, Aug-10-2018 | Article

CIP's Melvin A. Goodman talks about The Central Intelligence Agency's practice of double standards for many years... Read More »

America's War Habit

by Laura Carlsen

The Nation, Aug-02-2018 | Letter

CIP Senior Fellow, Melvin A. Goodman's letter to the editor.... Read More »

Letters From the August 27-September 3, 2018, Issue

by CIP

The Nation, Aug-02-2018 | Article

In-justice… America’s war habit… Editors’ note… Nicaragua: where the truth lies (web only)... Read More »

UN Vote Buying: A Bad Idea That Never Dies

by Diana Ohlbaum

Lobe Log, Aug-01-2018 | Article

The Trump administration is agitating for a “sweeping reassessment” of the way foreign aid is distributed. Rather than making decisions based on where it is needed most or how it can be put to best use, U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley is proposing to tie aid to how countries vote in the UN General Assembly... Read More »

Will The Trump Administration Attack Iran?

by William D. Hartung

LobeLog, Jul-31-2018 | Article

In a move that set off alarm bells among those concerned about the potential consequences of the harsh turn in U.S.-Iranian relations, the Australian Broadcasting Corporation reported last week that unnamed “senior officials” of the Australian government were suggesting that the Trump administration was crafting a plan to bomb Iran’s nuclear facilities as early as August... Read More »

The NATO We Have And The NATO We Seek

by Diana Ohlbaum

Lobe Log, Jul-25-2018 | Article

Donald Trump has thrown the “free world” into a tizzy with his ultimatum to European allies to increase their defense spending, his public questioning of why America should have to defend Montenegro, his classification of the European Union as a “foe” on trade, and his sycophantic slavering over a Russian leader whose highest foreign policy priority is the destruction of NATO... Read More »

Donald the Destroyer

by CIP

Counterpunch, Jul-25-2018 | Article

The mainstream media is concerned with the politics, policies, and propaganda of President Donald Trump, but underplays the central question of his presidency: Is Donald Trump psychologically fit to be president of the United States and commander-in-chief?... Read More »

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