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Paint by Numbers

Paint by Numbers

by Adam Isacson, Lisa Haugaard, Joy Olson

Aug-04-2003 | Report

A report detailing recent trends in U.S. military training in Latin America based on congressionally mandated reports. An important story unfolds about U.S. military programs and challenges to oversight. ... Read More »

Korean Endgame: A Strategy for Reunification and U.S. Disengagement

Korean Endgame: A Strategy for Reunification and U.S. Disengagement

by Selig S. Harrison

Aug-01-2003 | Book

Based on meetings with both Kim Il Sung and his son, Kim Jong Il, Selig Harrison presents explanations of Pyongyang's actions that are more sympathetic and intelligent than the official pronouncements of the North Korean government... Read More »

Memorandum: Colombia Aid in Iraq Supplemental

by Adam Isacson, Ingrid Vaicius

Apr-02-2003 | Policy Brief

The emergency supplemental appropriation for Iraq, which Congress will debate tomorrow, includes $105 million in new assistance for the armed forces of Colombia... Read More »

Memorandum: Bush Administration Supplemental Aid Request

by Adam Isacson, Ingrid Vaicius

Mar-26-2003 | Policy Brief

On March 25 the Bush administration sent to Congress a request for supplemental funding "to cover military operations, relief and reconstruction activities in Iraq... Read More »

Memorandum: The U.S. Military Presence in Colombia

by , Ingrid Vaicius

Feb-26-2003 | Policy Brief

On February 13, a plane carrying four Defense Department-funded contractors and a Colombian sergeant was forced to make an emergency landing... Read More »


The "War on Drugs" meets the "War on Terror"

by Ingrid Vacius, Adam Isacson

Feb-03-2003 | Report

In 2000 – an age ago, in foreign-policy terms – U.S. involvement in war-torn Colombia was big news. The Clinton Administration moved through Congress a special aid bill just for Colombia and its neighbors.... Read More »

Dirty Money and Its Global Effects

Dirty Money and Its Global Effects

by , Brionne Dawson, Ilya Shulman, Clint Brewer

Jan-06-2003 | Report

The globalizing era has produced an explosion in the volume of illegitimate commercial and financial transactions. North American and European banking and investment institutions have been flooded with laundered and ill-gotten gains. Amounting to trillions of dollars, most of these sums are generated through secretive ar- rangements between co- operating but distant private-sector entities.... Read More »

Enhancing Democratic Governance of the Security Sector: An Institutional Assessment Framework

by Nicole Ball, Luc van de Goor, Tsjeard Bouta

Jan-01-2003 | Report

Security sector reform has assumed an increasingly prominent role on the international agenda over the last five years. It has been linked with debates on poverty alleviation, sustainable development, professionalization of the security forces, and good governance.... Read More »

Colombia-related questions about the 2002 supplemental appropriations request

by Adam Isacson

Apr-08-2002 | Policy Brief

The administration's supplemental appropriations request raises the following questions about our policy toward Colombia and foreign military assistance in general... Read More »

CIP Critique of House of Representatives Resolution on Colombia Aid

by Adam Isacson

Mar-06-2002 | Policy Brief

Though the language is much improved over earlier drafts, CIP is quite concerned about the vague recommendation on page 5 that the President "without undue delay" ... Read More »

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