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by Nicole Ball

Feb-05-2002 | Report

That the subject of governance in the security sector is being addressed in the context of rebuilding Afghanistan is, I believe, a reflection of two important shifts in development thinking over the last decade.... Read More »

CIP Statement at End of FARC Talks


Jan-13-2002 | Policy Brief

Twenty-four hours remain before a three-year-old peace process between the Colombian government and FARC guerrillas will come to an official end... Read More »

Integrating Defense into Public Expenditure Work

by Nicole Ball, Malcolm Holmes

Jan-11-2002 | Report

The timing and focus of this paper reflect the growing awareness in the donor community of the importance of both security and a well functioning public sector to development.... Read More »

Off-Budget Military Expenditure and Revenue: Issues and Policy Perspectives for Donors

by Nicole Ball, Dylan Hendrickson

Jan-01-2002 | Report

This study is part of follow-up work to the February 2000 Security-Sector Reform and Military Expenditure Symposium organized by DFID.... Read More »

"Steel Magnolias:" Adjusting to Reality in Putumayo

by Adam Isacson, Abbey Steele

Dec-14-2001 | Report

Two Saturdays ago María Inés Restrepo, the director of Colombia's alternative development agency (PLANTE), pulled out several coca plants and symbolically replaced them with a newly planted magnolia tree... Read More »

Just the Facts 2001-2002

Just the Facts 2001-2002

by Adam Isacson, Joy Olson

Oct-01-2001 | Report

This report analyzes U.S. defense and security relations with Latin America and the Caribbean, 2001 - 2002. ... Read More »

Why We Oppose the Andean Regional Initiative

by Adam Isacson

Sep-24-2001 | Policy Brief

Last year’s $1.3 billion “Plan Colombia” supplemental gave $860 million to Colombia for 2000 and 2001. Of that amount, 75 percent went to Colombia’s military and police... Read More »

Secretary Powell in Colombia: Some Tough Questions

by Adam Isacson

Sep-10-2001 | Policy Brief

Secretary of State Colin Powell is visiting Colombia, a South American neighbor where a four-way, drug-fueled conflict will kill nearly 4,000 people this year... Read More »

What a Democratic Senate Would Mean for Colombia Policy

by Adam Isacson

May-23-2001 | Policy Brief

According to numerous press reports, Vermont Senator James Jeffords plans to leave the Republican Party on May 24. His switch to independent... Read More »

Los Nuevos Dueños de Barranca

Los Nuevos Dueños de Barranca

by Adam Isacson

Apr-04-2001 | Report

Reporte del viaje de CIP a Barrancabermeja, Colombia, 6-8 de marzo del 2001... Read More »

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