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Memorandum: Next Steps for Talks with the FARC


Oct-16-2006 | Policy Brief

In late September and early October, we saw a flurry of activity around the possibility of talks between the Colombian government and the FARC guerrillas.... Read More »

Memorandum: Regarding Reports of CIP Involvement in Possible "Humanitarian Exchange" Talks


Oct-09-2006 | Policy Brief

Álvaro Leyva, a former Colombian senator and minister who has been involved in his country's peace processes since the 1980s, is serving as a facilitator for what might become a round of talks with the FARC guerrillas.... Read More »

Dissuading China and Fighting the

Dissuading China and Fighting the "Long War"

by Carl Conetta

Jul-01-2006 | Policy Brief

The 2006 US Defense Review advanced two new strategic vectors for the US armed forces – one targets a putative “global Islamic insurgency”; the other puts America on a collision course with China... Read More »

[PDF] Memorandum: Ten Questions for President Uribe's Visit to Washington


Jun-13-2006 | Policy Brief

The president of Colombia, Álvaro Uribe, will be in Washington tomorrow for a brief visit. Uribe’s hard-line security policies have made him popular at home,... Read More »

[PDF] Colombian Coca Cultivation in 2005


Apr-15-2006 | Policy Brief

At 5:00 yesterday, Good Friday, the U.S. government announced that coca cultivation in Colombia last year totaled 144,000 hectares, a level not seen since 2002.... Read More »

Backgrounder: Human-Rights Certification

by , Winifred Tate, CIP Fellow

Aug-03-2005 | Policy Brief

Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice told Congress on Monday that the State Department was certifying the Colombian government's compliance... Read More »

Colombia's Peace Talks with Paramilitaries: Conditions for U.S. Support


Dec-07-2004 | Policy Brief

In December 2002, the Colombian government embarked on a slow-moving process of peace talks with the United Self-Defense Groups of Colombia... Read More »

President Bush's Visit to Colombia

by , Ingrid Vaicius

Nov-19-2004 | Policy Brief

President Bush will be spending a few hours in Cartagena, Colombia this Monday, November 22, where he will meet with Colombian President Álvaro Uribe.... Read More »

Congress Doubles the Limit on U.S. Troops in Colombia


Oct-08-2004 | Policy Brief

A House-Senate conference committee has completed work on a compromise version of the 2005 Defense Department Authorization Act... Read More »

House Committee Preserves the "Cap" on U.S. Personnel in Colombia


May-13-2004 | Policy Brief

The House Armed Services Committee, meeting on May 12, denied the Bush administration's request to double a four-year-old limit on the number... Read More »

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