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Review of International Financing Arrangements for Disarmament, Demobilization and Reintegration

by Nicole Ball, Dylan Hendrickson

Sep-26-2005 | Report

This review of the experience of international actors in financing disarmament, demobilization and reintegration (DDR) processes was launched by the Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs at the end of 2004, as part of the Stockholm Initiative on Disarmament, Demobilisation and Reintegration (SIDDR).... Read More »

Peace - or

Peace - or "Paramilitarization?"

by Adam Isacson

Jul-04-2005 | Report

Why a weak peace agreement with Colombian paramilitary groups may be worse than no agreement at all... Read More »

Promoting Security Sector Reform in Fragile States

by Nicole Ball

Apr-01-2005 | Report

This paper addresses why the U.S. Government should be concerned about security sector reform (SSR), who should be involved in SSR work, the central elements of an SSR agenda, and its feasibility in fragile states. ... Read More »

Diluyendo las Divisiones

Diluyendo las Divisiones

by Adam Isacson, Joy Olson, Lisa Haugaard

Oct-04-2004 | Report

Un resumen sobre las tendencias de los programas militares de EE.UU. para América Latina y como esta relación militar está cambiando. ... Read More »

Blurring the Lines

Blurring the Lines

by Adam Isacson, Joy Olson, Lisa Haugaard

Sep-06-2004 | Report

This report analyzes trends in U.S. military programs with Latin America. The "war on terror" and the "war on drugs" quickly become the guiding mission for Washington's assistance programs. ... Read More »

Marching for Life

Marching for Life

by Bruna Genovese

Jun-07-2004 | Report

Defying threats, a movement of rural Hondurans leads Central America’s struggle against illegal logging and the corruption that sustains it... Read More »

Evaluation of the Conflict Prevention Pools: The Security Sector Reform Strategy

by Nicole Ball

Mar-01-2004 | Report

In June 2002, Ministers approved a security sector reform (SSR) Strategy, and it became operational at that time based on development work undertaken in the previous year (the Strategy was therefore launched just 13 months before the start of this evaluation).... Read More »

Dilemmas of Security Sector Reform

by Nicole Ball

Jan-01-2004 | Report

Security sector reform consists of a broad range of activities involving a wide variety of local stakeholders and external partners. The unifying factor is the focus on democratic governance.... Read More »

Paint by Numbers

Paint by Numbers

by Adam Isacson, Lisa Haugaard, Joy Olson

Aug-04-2003 | Report

A report detailing recent trends in U.S. military training in Latin America based on congressionally mandated reports. An important story unfolds about U.S. military programs and challenges to oversight. ... Read More »


The "War on Drugs" meets the "War on Terror"

by Ingrid Vacius, Adam Isacson

Feb-03-2003 | Report

In 2000 – an age ago, in foreign-policy terms – U.S. involvement in war-torn Colombia was big news. The Clinton Administration moved through Congress a special aid bill just for Colombia and its neighbors.... Read More »

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