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Dirty Money and Its Global Effects

Dirty Money and Its Global Effects

by , Brionne Dawson, Ilya Shulman, Clint Brewer

Jan-06-2003 | Report

The globalizing era has produced an explosion in the volume of illegitimate commercial and financial transactions. North American and European banking and investment institutions have been flooded with laundered and ill-gotten gains. Amounting to trillions of dollars, most of these sums are generated through secretive ar- rangements between co- operating but distant private-sector entities.... Read More »

Enhancing Democratic Governance of the Security Sector: An Institutional Assessment Framework

by Nicole Ball, Luc van de Goor, Tsjeard Bouta

Jan-01-2003 | Report

Security sector reform has assumed an increasingly prominent role on the international agenda over the last five years. It has been linked with debates on poverty alleviation, sustainable development, professionalization of the security forces, and good governance.... Read More »


by Nicole Ball

Feb-05-2002 | Report

That the subject of governance in the security sector is being addressed in the context of rebuilding Afghanistan is, I believe, a reflection of two important shifts in development thinking over the last decade.... Read More »

Integrating Defense into Public Expenditure Work

by Nicole Ball, Malcolm Holmes

Jan-11-2002 | Report

The timing and focus of this paper reflect the growing awareness in the donor community of the importance of both security and a well functioning public sector to development.... Read More »

Off-Budget Military Expenditure and Revenue: Issues and Policy Perspectives for Donors

by Nicole Ball, Dylan Hendrickson

Jan-01-2002 | Report

This study is part of follow-up work to the February 2000 Security-Sector Reform and Military Expenditure Symposium organized by DFID.... Read More »

"Steel Magnolias:" Adjusting to Reality in Putumayo

by Adam Isacson, Abbey Steele

Dec-14-2001 | Report

Two Saturdays ago María Inés Restrepo, the director of Colombia's alternative development agency (PLANTE), pulled out several coca plants and symbolically replaced them with a newly planted magnolia tree... Read More »

Just the Facts 2001-2002

Just the Facts 2001-2002

by Adam Isacson, Joy Olson

Oct-01-2001 | Report

This report analyzes U.S. defense and security relations with Latin America and the Caribbean, 2001 - 2002. ... Read More »

Los Nuevos Dueños de Barranca

Los Nuevos Dueños de Barranca

by Adam Isacson

Apr-04-2001 | Report

Reporte del viaje de CIP a Barrancabermeja, Colombia, 6-8 de marzo del 2001... Read More »

El “Punto Cero” del Plan Colombia

El “Punto Cero” del Plan Colombia

by Ingrid Vacius, Adam Isacson

Apr-02-2001 | Report

Pregúntele a los habitantes del Putumayo cómo era esta región hace mas de veinte años, antes de la llegada de la coca, y le describirán un sitio idílico – de esos que ya no existen.... Read More »

Plan Colombia’s

Plan Colombia’s "Ground Zero"

by Ingrid Vacius, Adam Isacson

Apr-02-2001 | Report

Ask longtime residents what Putumayo was like more than twenty years ago, before coca entered the picture, and they describe a place that sounds too good to be true.... Read More »

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