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There’s only one way to fix North Korea problem now

by David Cortright

CNBC, July 2017 |

Instead of issuing empty threats, the president and his advisers need to get serious about developing an effective diplomatic plan for containing the North Korean nuclear problem. It's time for the self-proclaimed 'master of the deal' to get to work on a coordinated strategy.... Read More »

Why the Trump White House must continue to invest in Colombia

by David Cortright

The Hill, May 2017 |

As President Trump and Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos meet at the White House, the fate of that country’s historic peace agreement hangs in the balance ... Read More »

Secretary Panetta, Afghanistan Needs A Peace Settlement, Not More War

by David Cortright

The Christian Science Monitor, June 2012 | Article

US Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta arrived in Afghanistan, where US policy has been mostly military. Washington continues to view Afghanistan through the lens of war when it most needs peace – a negotiated settlement with insurgents and neighboring states like India and Pakistan... Read More »

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