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Hagel's Strategic Review: A Reasonable US Defense Posture?

by Carl Conetta

Huffington Post, May 2013 | Article

Carl Conetta offers his insight to safely reducing US defense spending, freeing up more than $70 billion for debt reduction... Read More »

Analysis: Striking a New Deal for Defense

by Charles Knight, Carl Conetta

Government Executive, February 2013 | Article

During past defense drawdowns, Congress and the Pentagon got away with side-stepping cuts similar to those proposed to coincide with sequestration... Read More »

Defense Budget Resources 2012

by Charles Knight, Ethan Rosenkranz, Carl Conetta

August 2012 | Article

Why do we spend so much? Is it necessary? What does it mean for debt, deficits, and the economy? How might we “reset defense” to ensure security, solvency, and economic revitalization? Find the answers in this one-page compilation of PDA charts, articles, and reports on every aspect of the Pentagon spending controversy... Read More »

A Short Tour of Pentagon Financial Mismanagement, Waste, Fraud, and Abuse

by Ethan Rosenkranz, Carl Conetta

November 2011 | Article

A compilation of commentary and reports outlining financial mismanagement, waste, abuse and fraud at the Department of Defense... Read More »

Are We Ready to Cut Defense Spending? What the Polls Say

by Charles Knight, Carl Conetta

Huffington Post, February 2011 | Article

Although neither the White House nor Congress seem eager to apply the deficit-reduction axe to the Pentagon's record-level budgets, the American public appears ready... Read More »

Experts' Letter on Defense Spending

by Carl Conetta, Coalition for a Realistic Foreign Policy

November 2010 | Letter

Joint declaration by 48 top scholars and practitioners of national security policy: “We can achieve safe savings in defense if we are willing to rethink how we produce military power and how, why, and where we put it to use... Read More »

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