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Reality Check on North Korea

by Charles Knight

US News and World Report, February 2018 |

How can the U.S. stop this march to war with North Korea? Open our eyes... Read More »

Win-Win Steps to Prevent a New Korean War

by Charles Knight

US News, April 2017 |

Indeed, the U.S. and China can make use of the principle of "win-win cooperation" to lower tensions on the Korean peninsula, diffuse crises and ultimately resolve long-standing hostilities. Presently that corner of the world is the most likely place for large scale warfare that could kill millions while quite possibly involving the use of nuclear weapons. "Win-win" means an outcome good for the United States, good for China and good for both Koreas and Japan, which stand to lose the most if war breaks out... Read More »

Choosing war & decline ... or not

by Charles Knight

The Huffington Post, February 2016 |

We are entering a new strategic era which will have large and lasting effects for the international and domestic policy of the United States... Read More »

Afghan Army Now Ready ... to Lose to the Taliban

by Charles Knight

The Huffington Post, September 2015 |

One need not be prophetic to sense a bad outcome for the U.S. war in Afghanistan. Almost nothing has gone by plan since the Bush administration joined forces with the Northern Alliance in 2001 to kick the Taliban out of Kabul and into the tribal territories of Pakistan... Read More »

Can 'All the King's Men' Put Iraq Together Again?

by Charles Knight

Huffington Post, June 2015 | Article

Once again President Obama is being sharply criticized by domestic opponents for what Politico calls a 'gaffe' uttered in a press conference in Germany on 8 June 2015... Read More »

Making a Nuclear Deal With Iran Stick

by Charles Knight

Huffington Post, March 2015 | Article

The security threat to Iran posed by "regime changers" in Washington was made abundantly clear by the invasion of Iraq in 2003. If Iran was inclined to develop a nuclear weapons option (i.e. achieve a breakout capability) in 2002, the U.S. invasion of Iraq in 2003 made such a program appear to be a well-advised national security priority for Tehran... Read More »

Beware the "New Cold War"

by Charles Knight

Huffington Post, January 2015 | Article

While "a New Cold War" has not yet been adopted as an official framework for US foreign and military policy, there are among foreign and military policy-makers many who will be tempted by its appeal. We should be circumspect about following them down this path... Read More »

US Doesn’t Need More Defense Dollars to Ease Crisis in East China Sea

by Charles Knight

Boston Globe, January 2014 | Letter

Preventing war with a rising China requires diplomatic wisdom, not additional US military investment... Read More »

Kerry for Keeping Option to Use Ground Forces 'In the Event Syria Imploded'

by Charles Knight

Huffington Post, September 2013 | Article

President Obama's war authorization resolution may set the stage for further intervention in Syria... Read More »

Military Intervention in Syria? -- American People Show Greater Wisdom Than Washington

by Charles Knight

Huffington Post, May 2013 | Article

Refraining from intervention in Syria isn't isolationism, it's just a smart decision... Read More »

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