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Kerry for Keeping Option to Use Ground Forces 'In the Event Syria Imploded'

by Charles Knight

Huffington Post, September 2013 | Article

President Obama's war authorization resolution may set the stage for further intervention in Syria... Read More »

Military Intervention in Syria? -- American People Show Greater Wisdom Than Washington

by Charles Knight

Huffington Post, May 2013 | Article

Refraining from intervention in Syria isn't isolationism, it's just a smart decision... Read More »

Three Leadership Steps for Peace in Korea

by Charles Knight

Huffington Post, April 2013 | Article

Charles Knight recalls the Cold War era Soviet threat and points out Kim Jong Un's youth and vulnerability and Chinese interests to recommend 3 strategy platforms the Obama administration should use to handle North Korean aggression... Read More »

Obama Getting Ready to Reduce Nukes: A Step in the Right Direction

by Charles Knight

Huffington Post, February 2013 | Article

The Obama administration is scaling down deployed nuclear warheads even further than the provisions set by the New START Treaty, which called for a reduction to 1,550 by 2018. Along with Russia, the administration believes a number closer to 1,000 is sufficient.... Read More »

Analysis: Striking a New Deal for Defense

by Charles Knight, Carl Conetta

Government Executive, February 2013 | Article

During past defense drawdowns, Congress and the Pentagon got away with side-stepping cuts similar to those proposed to coincide with sequestration... Read More »

President Obama Must Prepare for the Sequester Squeeze Play

by Charles Knight

Huffington Post, February 2013 | Article

The objective of Republican leaders in Congress is to use the pain of sequester to force Democrats into accepting reductions in social and health security accounts. To achieve this end they are willing to let the Pentagon take a temporary hit.... Read More »

A Smarter Way to Trim the Pentagon Budget

by Charles Knight

Time , August 2012 | Article

The Reasonable Defense plan demonstrates how carefully conceived changes to the Pentagon budget can be consistent with economic recovery and also provide ample military capacity to protect America and our core commitments abroad... Read More »

Defense Budget Resources 2012

by Charles Knight, Ethan Rosenkranz, Carl Conetta

August 2012 | Article

Why do we spend so much? Is it necessary? What does it mean for debt, deficits, and the economy? How might we “reset defense” to ensure security, solvency, and economic revitalization? Find the answers in this one-page compilation of PDA charts, articles, and reports on every aspect of the Pentagon spending controversy... Read More »

Are We Ready to Cut Defense Spending? What the Polls Say

by Charles Knight, Carl Conetta

Huffington Post, February 2011 | Article

Although neither the White House nor Congress seem eager to apply the deficit-reduction axe to the Pentagon's record-level budgets, the American public appears ready... Read More »

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