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Afghanistan: Lessons Identified 2001-2014. Part II-Development Cooperation in Afghanistan


September 2016 | Report

This is one of three studies commissioned by the political parties supporting Denmark’s engagement in Afghanistan. Its objective is to contribute to the development of realistic and useful lessons for future comprehensive and integrated efforts in fragile and conflict affected states... Read More »

Fighting for Peace: The Tricky Business of Using Greater Force in UN Peace Operations


March 2015 | Policy Brief

The increased political willingness by UN member states to authorise the use of force has developed well ahead of their risk tolerance and matching capabilities... Read More »

Lessons from Burundi's Security Sector Reform Process


November 2014 | Policy Brief

Security sector reform (SSR) is increasingly put forward as a solution for a broad spectrum of African states facing security challenges. Yet, for a variety of reasons, there are relatively few examples of successful SSR implementation... Read More »

Evaluation of the Danish Peace and Stabilisation Fund


August 2014 | Report

The Peace and Stabilisation Fund (PSF) was established under the 2010-2014 Danish Defence Agreement as a cross-government funding pool to support stabilisation and conflict prevention initiatives at the nexus of security and development. Between 2010 and 2014, the Fund was allocated DKK 941.4 million. Half is official development assistance (ODA); half is non-ODA resources from the Ministry of Defence (MoD) and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA)... Read More »

Putting Governance at the Heart of Security Sector Reform


April 2014 | Report

Democratically governed security and justice sectors are a core objective of the Security Sector Development (SSD) agenda. But few such programs put governance front and center... Read More »

African Peace Facility Evaluation - Part 2: Annexes


November 2013 | Report

Reviewing the overall implementation of the APF as an instrument for African efforts to manage conflicts on the continent... Read More »

Evaluation du Volet Gouvernance du Programme DSS

by , Fabien Nsengimana

October 2013 | Report

This evaluation assesses the achievements of the governance component of the Burundi-Netherlands Security Sector Development Programme. It demonstrates the complexity of and importance of addressing governance related issues as part of security sector reform... Read More »

African Peace Facility Evaluation - Part 2


October 2013 | Report

Reviewing the overall implementation of the APF as an instrument for African efforts to manage conflicts on the continent... Read More »

The Challenges of Supporting Effective Security and Justice Development Programming

by , Luc van de Goor

February 2013 | Report

The ultimate objective of this work is to provide practical recommendations to a central question: How can international support to security and justice development in fragile and conflict-affected states be made more effective... Read More »

From Quick Wins to Long-Term Profits? Developing better approaches to support security and justice engagements in fragile states: Burundi case study

by , Jean-Marie Gasana, Willy Nindorera

March 2012 | Report

Nicole Ball, Jean-Marie Gasana, and Willy Nindorera explore security and justice programming in Burundi in order to develop better approaches to solving four key challenges... Read More »

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