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Afghanistan is our longest war ever and Congress has abandoned all responsibility


The Hill, March 2018 | Article

We are well into the 17th year of the United States military commitment in Afghanistan, the longest war in American history. We've got 15,000 troops in the country, and we're spending $45 billion a year to sustain this effort and support the Afghan government... Read More »

Guest Column: Congress Must Approve Iran Nuclear Deal

by , Wayne Gilchrest

Capital Gazette, August 2015 | Article

Two former Maryland members of Congress call on Barbara Mikulski and Ben Cardin to support the Iran deal... Read More »

Lifting Cuba Trade Embargo Is Good Business


The Baltimore Sun, August 2015 | Article

Americans increasingly support lifting the trade embargo with Cuba, so what's the holdup?... Read More »

The U.S. Shouldn't Export Colombia's Drug War "Success"

by Sarah Kinosian, Lisa Haugaard, John Lindsay-Poland

InSight Crime, July 2015 | Article

The U.S. is paying Colombia to train security forces in Central America, without tracking whether this is doing good or causing harm. It's time for authorities to start asking hard questions about what lessons Colombia's military is exporting abroad... Read More »

Can the Violence in Honduras Be Stopped?

by Sarah Kinosian, William D. Hartung, Lisa Haugaard

Foreign Policy In Focus, February 2015 | Article

Nearly 100 percent of the murders in Honduras' second city go unsolved. Community development, not militarization, is the answer... Read More »

What Makes Salvador Brazil's Most Violent City

by Sarah Kinosian

In Sight Crime, February 2015 | Article

Despite Salvador's economic boom in recent years, problems like economic inequality, racial tensions, and unemployment persist, feeding crime and violence. As murder rates and drug use continue to climb in northern Brazil, it looks like those who live on the periphery of Bahia's capital will likely remain vulnerable to the whims of the underworld... Read More »

I sued Reagan. What the GOP Needs to Know


Tampa Tribune, September 2014 | Article

A former Congressman who sued Reagan during his presidency offers some advice to the GOP with their current suit against Obama... Read More »

A crisis in Central America


The Baltimore Sun, July 2014 | Article

Improving Central American conditions should be a priority for the Obama administration... Read More »

Mexico Prepping to Buy More Black Hawks: Settling in for a Lengthy Fight in Drug War?

by Sarah Kinosian

Christian Science Monitor, April 2014 | Article

Mexico's plan to purchase 18 Black Hawk helicopters from the U.S. could be a sign of a long-term battle with drug traffickers... Read More »

Militarized Public Security in Latin America: Mexico Gambles on Vigilante Security

by Sarah Kinosian

Sustainable Security, February 2014 | Article

A new alliance between the Mexican security forces and citizen ‘self-defense’ groups in Michoacán state has brought some short term success in the fight against the Knights Templar cartel. But what will be the long-term consequences of legitimizing heavily armed vigilante groups in Mexico... Read More »

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