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The Heavy Hand on Venezuela's Streets

by Sarah Kinosian

Open Democracy, October 2013 | Article

Faced with soaring levels of crime and violence, Venezuela's government continues to militarize the police. The public disapproves of the crime, but not the response. Why?... Read More »

Time is Ripe For a New Approach to Cuba

by Michael Barnes

Baltimore Sun, March 2013 | Article

Collaborating with Cuba to form agreements on energy production that will benefit both countries' interests may yield patched relations in the long-run... Read More »

What Benazir Bhutto Knew About Bin Laden

by Michael Barnes

The Washington Post, May 2011 | Article

Benazir Bhutto was a friend of mine. I met her in the 1980s, when I was serving on the House Foreign Affairs ... Read More »

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