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Countering Militarized Public Security in Latin America: Understanding the Trend in Venezuela

by Sarah Kinosian

Sustainable Security, November 2013 | Article

In Sustainable Security's two-part discussion ‘Countering Militarized Public Security in Latin America’, Sarah Kinosian and Matt Budd explore the roots of the increasing trend towards militarization of public security across Central and South America and ask what lessons can be learned from alternative methods... Read More »

The Heavy Hand on Venezuela's Streets

by Sarah Kinosian

Open Democracy, October 2013 | Article

Faced with soaring levels of crime and violence, Venezuela's government continues to militarize the police. The public disapproves of the crime, but not the response. Why?... Read More »

Time is Ripe For a New Approach to Cuba


Baltimore Sun, March 2013 | Article

Collaborating with Cuba to form agreements on energy production that will benefit both countries' interests may yield patched relations in the long-run... Read More »

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