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Searching for a good approach to Syria


Washington Post, April 2018 | Letter

As reported in the April 18 news article “Saudi Arabia says it’s open to sending troops to Syria as U.S. draws down,” we have yet to find a good approach to Syria... Read More »

A Nuclear Plan in Dangerous Times: Letter to the Editor


New York Times, January 2018 | Letter

Your editorial analysis of the dangers of the Trump administration’s nuclear policy indicates that it can lead only to higher risks of nuclear calamities, with global instability and proliferation of even more weapons of mass destruction... Read More »

Leading from the left


The Guardian, November 2017 | Letter

As an observer of European politics, I found the summary of the need for a realignment of the moderate left in Europe by Denis MacShane ('What Gordon Brown could learn from this old communist', Comment, last week) to be a necessary call for a rebuilding of a withered 'liberal' politics - in the American sense - throughout the EU... Read More »

Harry Blaney: Letter to the Editor


The Sunday Times, October 2017 | Letter

Brexit will in time erase any real influence by Britain over events in Europe and in America. This self-isolation and disengagement will have a negative impact on the UK’s security, economy and global standing. Many from the EU nations died side by side with Britons and Americans in the Second World War to bring about a Europe that is united, democratic and at peace... Read More »

Letter to the Editor: German lessons for America: Second Look


USA Today, June 2017 |

I wholeheartedly agree with USA TODAY’s editorial “What U.S. can learn from Germany."... Read More »

German lessons for America: Second Look


USA Today, June 2017 | Letter

Letter to the editor: I wholeheartedly agree with USA TODAY’s editorial “What U.S. can learn from Germany.” I know that the German efforts to have well-trained workers, strong manufacturing and an advanced industrial and technology basis is a model for America to learn from... Read More »

Deep Disarray at the State Department


NY Times, May 2017 |

“The State Department Deserves Better” (editorial, May 3), about the disarray in the State Department, highlights the cost of deep neglect for dealing with the many risks and challenges of a fractured world ... Read More »

Trump’s foreign policy is thoughtless, not flexible


The Washington Post, April 2017 |

In his April 19 op-ed, “From Truman to Trump,” David Ignatius unconvincingly argued that President Trump should emulate the qualities of President Harry S. Truman. Mr. Ignatius argued that Mr. Trump’s flip-flops in foreign policy and national security suggest he has “shown a flexibility and pragmatism” and cited China, Russia and its president, Vladi­mir Putin , and what Mr. Ignatius called “mundane issues, such as the Export-Import Bank.”... Read More »

Letters to the Editor: A Grave Mistake


The Times, April 2017 |

The simple fact is that Britain has greatly benefited from its membership of the EU, not least in having a strong voice in European decision-making that now will be absent (“This is no friendly divorce, but a long, bitter schism”, Niall Ferguson, Comment, last week). The cost, in my opinion as a former US diplomat who served in EU and Nato missions, will be considerable... Read More »

ES Views: Britain is now weaker in a time of global instability


Evening Standard, March 2017 |

In short, Brexit hurts Britain’s influence, not just in Europe but across the world. While America appears to be disengaged and a bit scary under Donald Trump, and with the threat of Vladimir Putin’s Russia to our security, we need now a sense of common interest with the EU as we head towards even greater disunity... Read More »

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