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Why I'm not running again for president of Costa Rica

by Oscar Arias Sanchez

The Tico Times, September 2016 | Letter

That is the politics in which I believe: ambitious and brave. The politics of hope. The politics that does not get distracted by petty matters, but that, rather, sets its sights on the most daring point on the horizon... Read More »

Together, We Filled that Room with Light

by Oscar Arias Sanchez

October 2015 | Speech

The guest of honor at CIP's 40th anniversary on October 9th, 2015 was Óscar Arias Sánchez, president of Costa Rica from 2006 to 2010. He previously served as President from 1986 to 1990 and received the Nobel Peace Prize in 1987. ... Read More »

The Greek Crisis


Independent UK, June 2015 | Letter

The articles about the Greek crisis and the UK's future in Europe all point to the sad state of European leadership and a growing trajectory in the British government to cut ties with the EU and thus, in my view, with the world at large... Read More »

Struggle Goes Far Beyond the Eurozone — It is About Europe’s Unity and Security


Financial Times, June 2015 | Letter

Does anyone in Europe know what they are doing to themselves? The basis for the euro and the EU should and must be, in the end, “one for all and all for one”... Read More »

Worrisome Disarray in Europe


The New York Times, June 2015 | Letter

Challenges point to a failure of vision among Europe’s national leaders and their political parties... Read More »

Burnished Perspective of Russia is Just Implausible


Financial Times, January 2015 | Letter

Contrary to what some experts might think, Russia is not doing well... Read More »

How Best to Battle the Islamic State


Washington Post, October 2014 | Letter

The United States can best help fight the Islamic State by using its best leveraged military technology, diplomacy, logistics, aerial capability and intelligence: exactly what President Obama and his national security team are doing... Read More »

To Stem the Child Migrant Crisis, First Stop Poverty and Violence

by Oscar Arias Sanchez

Washington Post, July 2014 | Article

Educational aid may be an answer to one of the "root causes" of the recent surge in Central American immigrants to the U.S.... Read More »

Playing the Long Game in Ukraine


NY Times, April 2014 | Letter

There is little that is truly clear about the Ukraine crisis, and there have been a lot of far-fetched and unwise calls from the ideological extremes... Read More »

The Risks and Rewards of a Deal with Iran


Washington Post, November 2013 | Letter

According to Blaney, a long-term agreement with Iran would be good for Israel, good for the region and good for U.S. and allied security interests... Read More »

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