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Europe can set the standard on anti-money laundering


Euobserver, October 2013 | Article

The EU can set the standard in a global effort of implementing anti-money laundering rules and promote transparency ... Read More »

The Post Misses the Big Picture in Kerry’s Mideast Peace Efforts


Washington Post, July 2013 | Letter

Kerry's diplomatic focus on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict will help solve broader problems in the Middle East... Read More »

Diplomacy Empowers Obama’s Syria Strategy


Financial Times, May 2013 | Letter

In a letter to the Financial Times, Harry Blaney outlines options the U.S. can pursue in regards to Syria... Read More »

A United Effort to Help Syria


Washington Post, December 2012 | Letter

In a letter to the editor of the Washington Post, Harry Blaney discusses the United States' role in Syria... Read More »

Notes on a Vice-Presidential Debate


NY Times, October 2012 | Letter

Harry Blaney weighs in on the Vice-Presidential debate in this Letter to the Editor... Read More »

Grasp This Opportunity of a Safer World


Financial Times, May 2012 | Letter

Harry Blaney discusses why deterrence and the reduction in nuclear weapons are necessary in this post-cold war environment... Read More »

Two Cases Where a Will to Act is Lacking


Financial Times, April 2012 | Letter

Harry Blaney responds to two items published in the Financial Times about the future of Syria and of the future of Europe... Read More »

Support, Don’t Promote, Democracy Abroad


Rethinking National Security, November 2010 | Article

The debate rages over what and how much world leaders and other senior officials should and should not say in public about the actions and policies of countries other... Read More »

These Myopic Cuts Will Only Lead to a Global Depression


Financial Times , July 2010 | Letter

Sir, Martin Wolf’s lucid and compelling article, “Three years on, fault lines threaten the world economy” (July 14) was right on about the precarious elements in our ... Read More »

The Three E's


The Foreign Service Journal, September 2009 | Article

This volume is likely to be among the most important books of the 21st century, both for its trenchant analysis of the impact of climate change... Read More »

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