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Politicians won't end the disastrous drug war, it's up to the people

by Laura Carlsen

This is Hell, April 2016 |

Laura Carlsen recounts her experience traveling with a group of Latin American activist to demand the end of the global war on drugs on This Is Hell... Read More »

Laura Carlsen reports on This is Hell on the teachers’ strike in Oaxaca

by Laura Carlsen

Global Exchange, April 2016 |

Laura Carlsen writes in the People to People Blog about the Caravan for Peace, Life and Justice visit to Berta Cáceres organization in Honduras... Read More »

The New South American Political Map

by Laura Carlsen

February 2016 | Article

The election results in Venezuela and Argentina, the Brazilian crisis, and the erosion of the “citizens’ revolution” in Ecuador are part of a change in political climate that puts the transformative processes underway on the defensive... Read More »

The Drug War and Mexico

by Laura Carlsen

The New York Times, January 2016 | Letter

Ioan Grillo’s conclusion that the United States (and American taxpayers) “should use its drug-war aid to push harder” for anti-corruption and judicial reforms is off base... Read More »

The FARC and the Colombian government continue to reach for peace

by Laura Carlsen

CCTV America, December 2015 | Video, Interview

Since 2012, the Colombian government has been negotiating a peace deal with Latin America’s largest guerilla army, the FARC. This comes after an armed conflict between the two sides that has lasted more than 50 years and seen 200,000 people killed and millions displaced. Political analyst Laura Carlsen joins Elaine Reyes on the set of “Americas Now to discuss the current state of the peace talks.... Read More »

Venezuela And The Waning Pink Tide

by Laura Carlsen

On Point, December 2015 | Interview

Laura Carlsen speaks on NPR’s On Point about Venezuela’s major election Sunday Dec. 8 where the opposition took the legislative majority... Read More »

Sojourner Truth 12-08-2015

by Laura Carlsen

Sojourner Truth Radio, December 2015 | Interview

Laura Carlsen speaks on Sojourner Truth Radio about electoral changes in Latin America including Venezuela’s and Argentina’s recent elections... Read More »

Mercenaries in Yemen--the U.S. Connection

by Laura Carlsen

The Huffington Post, December 2015 | Article

Latin American mercenaries are leaving the ranks of the national armies of their countries to fight in the deserts of Yemen, wearing the uniform of the United Arab Emirates. They have been contracted by private US companies and in some cases directly by the government of the Arab country, which, thanks to vast oil reserves, has the second largest economy of the region... Read More »

Interviews from Mexico: The Fantasy Literature of "Bef"

by Laura Carlsen

TeleSUR English, December 2015 |

In the latest edition of Interviews From Mexico host Laura Carlsen speaks with writer, graphic artist and cartoonist, Bernardo Fernandez, known as “Bef” about his science fiction, crime novels and graphic novels. He talks about what moves him to work in these genres in a society where fantasy literature has been looked down on and the imagination has few spaces. The interview also touches on how Bef became a cross-over artist, the use of women protagonists and female voices in his works and his research for his graphic novel on William Burroughs in Mexico... Read More »

Voters and courts on both sides of the border are pushing against the US-Mexico drug war

by Laura Carlsen

This Is Hell!, November 2015 | Interview

Laura Carlsen explains on This Is Hell Radio why a recent Mexican Supreme Court decision to legalize marijuana (for four citizens) is the beginning to a conversation about personal freedom, the health and social implications of legalized marihuana, and a way out of US-imposed military conflict.... Read More »

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