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Donald Trump, here's the 'extreme vetting' that's already happening

by Diana Ohlbaum

The Hill, September 2016 |

It’s hard to know where to start with GOP nominee Donald Trump's proposal for "extreme vetting" of prospective entrants into the United States. The odious nature of demanding adherence to a particular set of views in order to gain admission to a country founded on freedom of speech? The impossibility of determining a person's innermost beliefs and private opinions? The irony that Trump would be unlikely to pass his own tests of rejecting bigotry and hatred, and demonstrating respect for gay people, women and minorities?... Read More »

Wars eventually end with negotiated settlements


August 2016 | Press Release

The announcement that the Colombian government and the FARC revolutionaries have reached a deal to end that country’s 52-year-old civil war is a reminder that all wars, however intractable they may seem at the time, eventually end with negotiated settlements. An estimated 220,000 people died in Colombia’s civil war and over five million were displaced. ... Read More »

The financial imperative for war in Afghanistan


NY Times, July 2016 | Letter

The July 7 editorial “A final commitment in Afghanistan” viewed the war in Afghanistan primarily in military terms. The main reason the U.S.-backed Afghan government has been losing is the rampant corruption that undermines public support for the government and fuels the insurgency. Since 2001, the United States has spent more than $110 billion on the reconstruction of Afghanistan, which, in current dollars, is more than we spent on the Marshall Plan to rebuild Europe after World War II. This amount does not include the hundreds of billions the United States spent on the war in Afghanistan itself... Read More »

Op-ed: 'Iraq syndrome' will limit new president's options

by, March 2016 | Article

'Iraq syndrome' will limit new president's options. The populist presidential campaigns of Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump have been fueled by deep disillusionment. A stark rift has opened between the two candidates and the two parties... Read More »

Civil Society Organizations Call for an End to Aerial Spraying in Colombia


May 2015 | Letter

CIP joins over 20 other organizations in support of an end to the inhumane and damaging aerial spraying program in Colombia... Read More »

Letter to the Director of the National Protection Unit of Colombia's Interior Ministry


March 2015 | Letter

CIP joins numerous other organizations and individuals in calling on Colombia's ministry of the interior to address the serious security issues faced by activists in Colombia... Read More »

The Needed Negotiations with the Taliban


The Washington Post, June 2013 | Letter

In a Letter to the Editor, Goodfellow stresses the need for a negotiated political settlement in Afghanistan... Read More »

25 Years: Bill Goodfellow Reflects on the Esquipulas II Accords


August 2012 |

Listen as CIP's executive director, Bill Goodfellow reflects on Central America's peace processes 25 years after the signing of the Esquipulas II Accords in a Podcast with Adam Isacson... Read More »

U.S. policy props up Cuba's autocracy


St. Petersburg Times, March 2011 | Article

Cuba's conviction of Alan Gross for subversive activities underscores the absurdity of U.S. policy toward the island.... Read More »

Letter to the Editor: USIP: Worth having, Worth Funding


The Washington Post, March 2011 | Letter

If Colman McCarthy would like to make the U.S. Institute of Peace more effective, he should initiate a campaign ... Read More »

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