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Ending America's Endless Wars


May 2016 | Brochure

A successful advocacy campaign begins with solid research. To discover what is really being done in America’s name, one must follow the money. The Center for International Policy maintains the most comprehensive database of U.S. military and police aid as well as arms sales to over 180 nations around the world... Read More »

CIP's 40th Anniversary Brochure


October 2015 | Brochure

Since the 1970s, our programs have worked to cut unnecessary military spending, seek diplomatic means to resolve disputes with adversaries, end tax evasion, illicit financial flows and unnecessary bank secrecy and halt the destruction of tropical forests... Read More »

Advancing a Sustainable, Just and Peaceful World


November 2014 | Report

Check out what the Center for International Policy has been up to in 2014 with our end-of-year brochure... Read More »

Report to Supporters Spring 2014


May 2014 | Report

2014 has been a successful year so far with major advances in reshaping defense spending, curbing tax evasion and advancing awareness on global climate change... Read More »

A Sustainable, Just and Peaceful World


December 2013 | Report

Find out how CIP can make a difference in facing some of the world's largest problems... Read More »

Turning a Corner


July 2013 | Report

It is easy to be overwhelmed by the enormity of the challenges facing our world today. Wars in the Middle East, Asia and Africa, climate chaos due to global warming and the widening gap between the super-rich and everyone else engender a sense of hopelessness... Read More »

Report to Supporters: Addressing Challenges to Global Security


December 2012 | Report

Our end-of-year report outlines our post-election goals... Read More »

Putting Peace and Social Justice on the Ballot in 2012


November 2011 | Report

Our end of the year brochure highlights what we are trying to change and the work of our programs... Read More »

Report to Supporters - Summer 2011


June 2011 | Report

CIP is proud to present its annual 2011 Report to Supporters detailing our programs and their current work. ... Read More »

CIP in the Press