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Whistleblower at the CIA


February 2017 | Book

Mel Goodman will be lecturing at the University of North Carolina on October 3rd and at Yale University on October 17th. His book "Whistleblower at the CIA" will be published February 2017 and is posted on for advance sale. See more at Read More »

CounterPunch Digital Magazine Volume 23 no 1


March 2016 |

In this Issue: Inside the CIA: Melvin Goodman recounts his battles with William Casey and Robert Gates... Read More »

National Insecurity: The Cost of American Militarism


February 2013 | Book

Upon leaving the White House in 1961, President Eisenhower famously warned Americans about the dangers of a "military industrial complex," and was clearly worried about the destabilizing effects of a national economy based on outsized investments in military spending. As more and more Americans fall into poverty and the global economy spirals downward, the United States is spending more on the military than ever before... Read More »

The CIA and the Perils of Politicization


March 2008 | Report

Melvin Goodman analyzes the CIA's vulnerability to politicization due to its mission to provide intelligence to policymakers. ... Read More »

Failure of Intelligence: The Decline and Fall of the CIA


January 2008 | Book

Failure of Intelligence is an in depth look at the history of the CIA from an insider perspective. Goodman examines it's recent failures and distorting of information for political means, and suggests an effective reform agenda. ... Read More »

Crimes of the Central Intelligence Agency: How Covert Action Harms U.S. Security


November 2007 | Report

Melvin Goodman analyzes how covert action harms U.S. security in this International Policy that covers the history of the term and its effect on policy. ... Read More »

Blueprint for intelligence reform


June 2006 | Report

The United States was relatively late in establishing the Central Intelligence Agency, an organization that grew out of the smaller and more limited wartime Office of Strategic Services. In contrast, government organizations devoted to intelligence gathering existed in the sixteenth century in Great Britain, in the eighteenth century in czarist Russia, and by the nineteenth century in France.... Read More »

The corruption of intelligence in the leadup to the invasion of Iraq


June 2006 | Report

The greatest possible failure of the CIA or any intelligence agency is to misuse intelligence in order to take the country to war. Intelligence was manipulated prior to the Mexican-American War, the Spanish-American War, and the Vietnam War.... Read More »

National Intelligence: The dereliction of congressional oversight


May 2006 | Report

Currently the Senate and House intelligence committees, which were created in the mid-1970s to ensure oversight of secret agencies, are observing all of these duties in the breach.... Read More »

Bush League Diplomacy: How the Neoconservatives Are Putting the World at Risk

by Craig Eisendrath

March 2004 | Book

How have George W. Bush and the neoconservatives in his administration managed to erode a half century of foreign relations in such a short period of time? What impact will the increased use of military force in place of diplomacy, and the ever-increasing deficit spending this creates, have on social policies at home? Veteran foreign policy analysts Craig Eisendrath and Mel Goodman answer these questions and many more.... Read More »

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