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BDA, Genocide and Oil in Iraq

by Matthew Hoh

Huffington Post, September 2014 | Article

Certainly atrocities have occurred in northern Iraq and battles have waged there, but what makes this summer and its dead different than the 500,000 dead, millions wounded and the one in eight Iraqis forcibly chased from their homes since 2003? What is causing the U.S. to get involved, again, and at this time? Oil. ... Read More »

The Death of a General and the Racket of a War

by Matthew Hoh

Huffington Post, August 2014 | Article

Five years ago this month, the New York Times, under the bylines of James Risen and Mark Lander, published a front-page profile of Marshal Mohammad Fahim, a notorious and bloody Afghan warlord and druglord, who had long been involved in the theft of American aid money. Fahim was about to become the Vice President of Afghanistan, for a second time... Read More »

Laughing From His Grave

by Matthew Hoh

Huffington Post, August 2014 | Article

After coming into office and adopting a proto-Bush approach to foreign policy by escalating the war in Afghanistan, participating in Libya's civil war, and enlarging America's targeted assassination and drone bombing campaign, the Obama White House has appeared, recently, more reticent in its use of military force... Read More »

Senators Graham and Menendez's Iranian Black Comedy

by Matthew Hoh

Huffington Post, July 2014 | Article

The repetition of Washington's call to arms manifests as a form of black comedy: it is funny until you realize its horror... Read More »

Afghanistan's Ongoing Nightmare

by Matthew Hoh

U.S. News & World Report, July 2014 | Article

A messy presidential election is just the latest proof that America's campaign in Afghanistan failed... Read More »

Stop Persecuting Bowe Bergdahl

by Matthew Hoh

Politico, July 2014 | Article

Sergeant Bergdahl and his parents have been victimized and demonized in a horrific display of politically inspired hate and vitriol, it's time for that to end... Read More »

Bombs are Medication for Guilt, Not Peace, in Iraq

by Matthew Hoh

Huffington Post, June 2014 | Article

If Iraqis are to ever find peace, it will come through negotiation and settlement, as it briefly did post-2007, and not through an American strategy of taking sides in a civil war and indulging in the self-satisfactory and guilt-erasing, yet illusory, medication of bombing... Read More »

A Critical Perspective on Military Stewardship

by Matthew Hoh

Washington Post, November 2013 | Letter

U.S. military involvement in Afghanistan has failed because there is no strategy capable of winning a war whose foundations are morally rotten... Read More »

Afghan War After 12 Years

by Matthew Hoh

Institute for Public Accuracy, October 2013 | Article

A former Marine and State Department official, Hoh resigned in protest from his post with the State Department in Afghanistan over U.S. strategic policy and goals in Afghanistan in 2009. He weighs in with his thoughts on U.S. involvement in Afghanistan 12 years since the occupation began... Read More »

Americans have had Enough Conflict

by Matthew Hoh, Michael Shank, Danny L. Davis

CNN, September 2013 | Article

Though the majority of Americans oppose using force against Syria, our nations armchair generals have not shied away from weighing in in support of a military strike, voicing their opinion that “the inescapable truth is that the world needs a policeman. The inescapable truth is that only the United States can play cop... Read More »

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