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America’s shadow war in Africa is dangerous and counterproductive

by Salih Booker, William D. Hartung

The Hill, January 2018 | Article

Later this month, the Pentagon is scheduled to release the results of its investigation of the circumstances surrounding the preventable deaths of four U.S. soldiers in Niger last October... Read More »

Five dangers of giving the Commerce Department oversight of firearms exports

by Rachel Stohl, Colby Goodman

Defense News, September 2017 |

U.S. President Donald Trump’s “Buy American” agenda is taking a potentially deadly turn, with the administration expected to issue new regulations that would make it easier for U.S. firearms and related ammunition to reach terrorists, criminal organizations and corrupt and abusive foreign security forces... Read More »

Time to Restore Diplomacy

by Salih Booker

NY Times, September 2017 |

In addition to protecting essential funding, we need a new paradigm that restores diplomacy to its rightful place as the primary instrument in a foreign policy that has been far too focused on seeking military solutions to complex security problems, and without success... Read More »

Burning Paradise: One Year Later

by Glenn Hurowitz

YouTube, September 2017 | Video

This week marks one year since we launched our “Burning Paradise” report to kick off the Korindo campaign... Read More »

Big forests, big ag: Are rainforests the right place for industrial agriculture?

by Glenn Hurowitz

Mongabay, July 2017 |

The chimpanzee nest was a few months old, but there it was, right next to the tracks of the endangered forest elephant... Read More »


by Glenn Hurowitz

January 2016 | Article

Wilmar International Limited Policy Progress Update with commentary by Glenn Hurowitz, "Environmental Leadership in a Time of Challenge"... Read More »

Obama to Host President of World's Biggest Climate Backslider

by Glenn Hurowitz

Huffington Post, October 2015 | Article

When the Indonesian president visits Washington this week, Obama will be playing host to a world leader among the top ranks of climate polluters... Read More »

Obama's Southern Power Play

by Glenn Hurowitz

Huffington Post, May 2014 | Article

President Obama will soon get one of his biggest opportunities to act on climate change, and that opportunity runs right through the South... Read More »

U.S. Sham Corporations Aid Drug Lords

by , Stefanie Ostfeld

CNN, October 2013 | Article

Last winter, the Chicago Crime Commission and the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration named Mexican billionaire Guzman Loera the city's "Public Enemy No. 1... Read More »

How Europe Can Help Obama Achieve US Climate Targets

by Glenn Hurowitz

Grist, June 2013 | Article

Europe stands to significantly affect how much the United States will reduce greenhouse gas emissions... Read More »

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