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U.S. Sham Corporations Aid Drug Lords

by , Stefanie Ostfeld

CNN, October 2013 | Article

Last winter, the Chicago Crime Commission and the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration named Mexican billionaire Guzman Loera the city's "Public Enemy No. 1... Read More »

How Europe Can Help Obama Achieve US Climate Targets


Grist, June 2013 | Article

Europe stands to significantly affect how much the United States will reduce greenhouse gas emissions... Read More »

The Death of "Sustainability"


April 2013 | Article

Can destroying a tropical rainforest be “sustainable”? ... Read More »

Obama Faces First Post-election Climate Test


Grist, November 2012 | Article

President Obama will start to determine his second-term approach to climate change today as the House of Representatives sends final legislation to his desk that empowers him to bar U.S. airlines from complying with Europe’s climate law... Read More »

Obama's Biggest Climate Decision of the Year May Be...Palm Oil?


ThinkProgress, May 2012 | Article

The Obama administration is poised to make one of the biggest climate policy decisions of its entire administration... Read More »

U.S. Announces Backing for Maldives Junta that Ousted Climate Hero Mohamed Nasheed in Coup d’Etat


Think Progress, February 2012 | Article

The Obama administration has announced its support for the junta that ousted democratically elected Maldives president and climate hero Mohamed Nasheed in a military coup. Even though President Nasheed was apparently forced to resign at gunpoint, the State Department has continued to address the coup-makers as the “legitimate government”... Read More »

Mitt Romney's Bermuda (tax) Holiday

by George Savas, Helen Kassa, Katelin Reger, Thomas Low, Avery Beam, Lorenzo Lau, Ocean Doctor, Dau Doldol, Claire Going, Hannah Knoll, Daniel Karp, Stephanie Farfan, Sarah Jolley, Lilia Popova, Hashim Elwazir, Topza Mukulu, Sarah Chin, Colleen Moore, Hannah Poteete, Ana Maria Guerrero Rodriguez, Cassandra Euphrat Weston, Annika London, Kate Kizer, Ben Freeman, Rachel Stohl, Salih Booker, Erica Fein, Halley Posner, Erik Yavorski, Meryl Compton, Derek Paulhus, Shukria Dellawar, Charlotte Stack, Christina Arabia, Hannah Ousterman, Brittany Tabora, Liam Burnside, Wesley Wright, Andrew Smith, Robert Watson, Taner Bertuna, Aubrey Manahan, John Gall, Leyko Nagayoshi, Celina Menzel, Austin Strain, Paritt Nguiakaramahawongse, Ben Armbruster, Michelle Dixon, Gillian Schreiber, Mariam Iskajyan, Bryn Herrera, Amy Frame, Samuel Barnett, Helen Fite, Caroline Armstrong, Jared Thompson, Blaze Joel, Brandon Hughes, Eloise Goldsmith, Haley Florsheim, Anderson Gass, Michael Drager, Clarissa Cooney, Sarah Mulnick, Bailey Welsh, Montana Mathieu, Diana Ohlbaum, Drew Proctor, Kenneth Lehman, Philippe Régnier, Sonya Jubar Carter, Adam Gerlach, Franco Bastida, Alexis Kedo, Harron Young, Leah Schulz, Ted Lynch, Gabriella Linardi, Jackie Mahler, Chris Marks, Robert Muse, Security Assistance Monitor, Aref Dostyar, Sydney Walley, Hailey Choi, David Duffeck, Laura Weiss, Lindsay Getschel, Kelly Hoye, Nicole Albrecht, Almir Hodzic, Allison Gerns, Ani Sinani, Seamus Daniels, Sofia Oliveros, Chelsea Kaser, Nika Khmolovska, Limeng Sun, Gabi Acierno

Politico, January 2012 | Article

Mitt Romney’s direction of Bain Capital’s tax avoidance activities now threaten to become a major campaign issue. But how questionable are his actions? We need to ask: “What would I do if I could legally avoid paying income tax?”... Read More »

Jack Hanna Defends Wildlife Slaughter


Huffington Post, October 2011 | Article

Late last night, sheriffs' deputies in Muskingum County, Ohio responded to reported sightings of tigers, lions and bears by descending on... Read More »

Guitar Antihero: How Gibson Guitars made illegal logging a conservative cause celebre


Grist, September 2011 | Article

If you've tuned into any of the major jobs speeches recently or the conservative media's political coverage surrounding them, you've heard about newly minted Tea Party hero, Gibson Guitar CEO Henry Juszkiewicz.... Read More »

Everything you’ve heard about the tar sands and energy security is wrong


Grist Magazine, August 2011 | Article

If there’s a single idea that the oil industry has peddled to persuade the Obama administration to approve the controversial Keystone XL tar-sands pipeline, it’s this: Tar-sands oil might be more polluting than even dirty old regular oil, but it’s better to get our energy from our ally Canada than from unstable oil suppliers in the Middle East or elsewhere... Read More »

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