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Connecting the Dots: from Christmas Cookies to Climate Change

by Jeff Horowitz

Mongobay, December 2014 | Article

Most people simply do not know that what we eat, drink and buy here in the developed world is playing a big role over there, in those far away tropical countries like Indonesia. It turns out that our ever-increasing demand for raw ingredients like palm oil is causing rampant deforestation and contributing significantly to climate change ... Read More »

Stop Saying the Pentagon Can’t Pay for Our Wars

by Stephen Miles, Ethan Rosenkranz, Erica Fein

Defense One, October 2014 | Article

Recent flare-ups around the world have Washington politicians and their sympathizers predictably sounding the alarm bells over sequestration and calling for an increase in the Pentagon’s budget. Dire warnings by credible and powerful voices deserve to be taken seriously. Yet, a closer look reveals that the Pentagon has plenty of money sitting around with which to fund new contingencies... Read More »

Who Will Profit From the Wars in Iraq and Syria?

by Stephen Miles, William D. Hartung

Huffington Post, October 2014 | Article

If there's one thing we should have learned over the past 13 years of war, it's that war is good business for those in the business of war. Unfortunately, while profits for the Pentagon's contractors increase, so does the cost to taxpayers in billions in waste, fraud, and abuse... Read More »

What Obama Should Have Said: Alternatives to Another War

by Stephen Miles

Huffington Post, September 2014 | Article

While the professional punditry has busied itself debating just how many bombs should fall and where, we should be asking ourselves, is American military force really the smartest way to address the threat we face from ISIS? The clear answer is no.... Read More »

Iraq and Syria: What if Bombing Makes Things Worse?

by Stephen Miles

Huffington Post, August 2014 | Article

With more than 1,000 U.S. troops on the ground in Iraq, surveillance flights over Syria, and over 100 airstrikes launched in Iraq, it is time to start asking the hard questions about the latest U.S. military intervention in the Middle East... Read More »

The Scandal We Should Be Talking About

by Stephen Miles, William D. Hartung

Huffington Post, November 2012 | Article

While our news media pores over every titillating detail of the Petraeus affair, there's another scandal that's gone largely unnoticed by the defense community. Last Friday, Lockheed Martin quietly announced that after having been groomed to take over for departing C.E.O. Robert Stevens this January, that would-be C.E.O. Christopher Kubasik would be resigning over a long-term extramarital affair ... Read More »

Pentagon Spending: Profits and Politics Trump National Security

by Stephen Miles, William D. Hartung

September 2012 | Article

Miles and Hartung discuss the current debate about "sequestration" and its effects on the economy in their latest co-authored article... Read More »

Pentagon Contractors Play a Disturbing Game

by Stephen Miles, William D. Hartung

Huffington Post, June 2012 | Article

If politics is a game of chess, Pentagon contractors have decided their workers are the pawns... Read More »

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