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Making Sense of Foreign Agents Registration Act Advisory Opinions

by Sarah Jolley, Hannah Poteete, Ben Freeman

June 2018 | Policy Brief

The first comprehensive list of Advisory Options under FARA... Read More »

Country Profile: U.S. Security Assistance to Tunisia

by Colby Goodman, Project on Middle East Democracy

April 2015 | Policy Brief

Tunisia is widely credited with initiating the wave of revolutions that swept the Arab world in 2011. Following the ouster of former President Ben Ali, the country navigated an extremely difficult political transition that culminated in the formation of a democratically elected government under a new constitution in December 2014... Read More »

Applying the Leahy Law to U.S. Military and Police Aid

by Colby Goodman

December 2014 | Report

A guide on what the Leahy Law says, how the United States applies it and what organizations can do to encourage U.S. action against security forces accused of violations... Read More »

Country Profile: U.S. Security Assistance to Honduras

by Sarah Kinosian

December 2014 | Report

Over the past decade, Honduras has become one of the most dangerous places in the world. In 2013 the country recorded the highest global murder rate, with 79 homicides per 100,000 residents... Read More »

Country Profile: U.S. Security Assistance to Yemen

by Colby Goodman

October 2014 | Report

Following close to eleven months of street protests calling for an end to his 33-year presidency, former president Ali Abdullah Saleh signed a U.S.-supported transition plan on November 23, 2011. Former Vice President Abd Rabbuh Mansur Hadi was elected president in February 2012 in a one-man election. While the new government has made progress on parts of the transition plan by beginning to restructure the security sector and completing a National Dialogue Conference (NDC), it has yet to revise the constitution or hold new elections... Read More »

The American Public's View on U.S. Military Intervention in Syria

by Angela Miller

September 2013 | Report

Win Without War compiled a fact sheet on opinions in the U.S. about a potential military intervention in Syria... Read More »

Myths vs. Realities of Pentagon Spending

by William D. Hartung

July 2012 | Report

As defense contractors play to American's fears of poor security to increase military spending, Bill Hartung and Stephen Miles reveal the facts about Pentagon spending... Read More »

Memorandum: Paramilitary Peace Process

by Ingrid Vacius

December 2003 | Policy Brief

On November 25, in a highly publicized ceremony in Medellin’s convention center, 850 members of the Bloque Cacique de Nutibara paramilitary unit handed... Read More »

The "War on Drugs" meets the "War on Terror"

by Ingrid Vacius

February 2003 | Report

In 2000 – an age ago, in foreign-policy terms – U.S. involvement in war-torn Colombia was big news. The Clinton Administration moved through Congress a special aid bill just for Colombia and its neighbors.... Read More »

El “Punto Cero” del Plan Colombia

by Ingrid Vacius

April 2001 | Report

Pregúntele a los habitantes del Putumayo cómo era esta región hace mas de veinte años, antes de la llegada de la coca, y le describirán un sitio idílico – de esos que ya no existen.... Read More »

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