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Debunking Myths that Fuel Irresponsible U.S. Defense Policy

by Taner Bertuna, Colby Goodman

Lob Log, June 2017 |

As President Trump continues to authorize record-breaking U.S. arms deals to Saudi Arabia and many other countries around the world and propose major increases in Pentagon spending, he is positioning himself to claim wins on two of his campaign promises: build a military that is “gonna be so strong nobody’s gonna mess with us,” and increase U.S. jobs... Read More »

After Jonathan's meeting with Obama

by Paul Lubeck, Michael Watts

Next, June 2011 | Article

For the first time in Nigerian history a southern minority was declared the President, in the April 2011 elections. In ... Read More »

Finally, a Legitimate Nigerian Election

by Paul Lubeck, Michael J. Watts

The Mark, June 2011 | Article

For the vast majority of Nigeria’s 73 million voters, cynicism and resignation are the trademarks of Nigerian politics... Read More »

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