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Making Sense of Foreign Agents Registration Act Advisory Opinions

by Sarah Jolley, Hannah Poteete, Ben Freeman

June 2018 | Policy Brief

The first comprehensive list of Advisory Options under FARA... Read More »

A Century of Unstable Tourism in the Caribbean

by Ocean Doctor, CIP

June 2018 | Report

Lessons Learned and Opportunities from Cuba... Read More »

Convergent Interests: U.S. energy security and the "securing" of Nigerian democracy

by , Michael Watts, Ronnie Lipschutz

February 2007 | Report

In its anxious search for energy security, the United States has embarked on a risky strategy to arm and train the militaries of oil-producing West African countries under the rationale of pursuing the Global War on Terror. Over the past 15 years, amidst widening crises in the Middle East and volatile petroleum markets, the U.S. has quietly institutionalized a West African-based oil supply strategy, closely focused on an “Oil Triangle” centered on the Gulf of Guinea. ... Read More »

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