Politics and Prose with Melvin Goodman

Save the Date: SUNDAY July 23
POLITICS & PROSE at 1PM                          

Mel Goodman, a former CIA analyst, has been writing and speaking on CIA transgressions since 1991, when he testified against the confirmation of Robert M. Gates to become the director of the Central Intelligence Agency.  Seymour Hersh said that Goodman has been “telling us how to save wasted billions—he is also telling us how to save ourselves.”
Dan Ellsberg calls the book a “fascinating glimpse into the secret, behind-the-scenes world of U.S. intelligence.  He believes the book “underscores why whistleblowing is so important, and why the institutional obstacles to it are so intense.”

So please come to Politics and Prose on Sunday, July 23 at 1PM to hear Mel discuss this book and the current constitutional crisis facing the nation due to the Trump administration’s manipulation of the congressional oversight process at a perilous time in the history of our country.