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Something in the Air: “Isolationism,” Defense Spending, and the U.S. Public Mood

by Carl Conetta

October 2014 | Report

Is the public trending toward isolationism? Or is interventionism back? Polls suggest a more complex truth... Read More »

US Policy on Syria: War or Diplomacy?

by Carl Conetta

September 2013 | Report

A selection of critical views and proposals on the way forward with Syria... Read More »

Defense Sense: Options For National Security Savings FY2014 Update

by Charles Knight, Ethan Rosenkranz, Carl Conetta

June 2013 | Report

PDA's Fiscal Year 2014 update to the Defense Sense report, outlining 16 recommendations that, taken together, achieve more than $22 billion in national security savings... Read More »

Four Decades of US Defense Spending

by Charles Knight, Ethan Rosenkranz, Carl Conetta

January 2013 | Report

A one page review and assessment of the change in US defense spending over 40 years... Read More »

Reasonable Defense: A Sustainable Approach to Securing the Nation

by Carl Conetta

November 2012 | Report

In his latest report, Carl Conetta argues for a new balance among the various instruments of national power reflecting today’s strategic conditions... Read More »

USA and Allies Outspend Potential Rivals on Military by Four-to-One; America Carries Much of the Defense Burden for its Allies

by Carl Conetta

July 2012 | Report

In this fact sheet Carl Conetta looks U.S. military spending compared to that of other countries... Read More »

Pentagon Base Budget to Get Bigger Share in 2013

by Carl Conetta

March 2012 | Policy Brief

A comparison of discretionary spending in 2008 and 2013 shows an increased tilt toward the “Security Basket” and National Defense... Read More »

Defense Sense: Options for National Defense Savings in Fiscal Year 2013

by Charles Knight, Ethan Rosenkranz, Carl Conetta, Christopher Preble, Benjamin H. Friedman

March 2012 | Report

In a joint publication between PDA and the Cato Institute, the authors outline 18 recommendations for safely reducing the Fiscal Year 2013 defense budget by $17 – 20 billion... Read More »

Talking About Military Spending and the Pentagon Budget -- Fiscal Year 2013 (And Beyond)

by Carl Conetta, Christopher Hellman

February 2012 | Policy Brief

A Q&A format report that addresses central issues related tot he 2013 defense budget and deficit reduction debate... Read More »

Going for Broke: The Budgetary Consequences of Current US Defense Strategy

by Carl Conetta

October 2011 | Policy Brief

The Pentagon’s adoption of more ambitious goals, strategy, and missions after the Cold War has led to today’s unsustainable defense budgets... Read More »

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